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Krishnatheeram ayur holy beach resort,
North Cliff, Thiruvambadi Beach, Varkala,
Thiruvanandapuram, Kerala, India – 695 141

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Kati Vasthi

It’s the Kerala Traditional technique of treatment mainly done on low back problems and pain. Gives immediate relieves on pain and issues of lower back due to occupational...

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Nethra Tharpanam

A special treatment in which eyes are treated with various herbal preparations, where a paste is made to act as a wall around eye. This is filled by...

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This is one of the special Panchakarma Treatment in which herbal juice or oil is dipped into the nostrils. After proper preparations done. This treatment is effective for...

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Janu Vasthi

In this treatment the knee is bathed in warm medicated oil or herbal decoctions. This is a similar type of treatment like Kati Vasthi. Here “Janu” the Knee”...

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Mukha Lepanam

It is one of the main attractions of haraka Ayurveda Centre the complete cure and care of krishnatheeram. We have a traditional combination of Herbal Face Packs with...

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Naranga Kizhi

A special combination of cooked medicines with more lemon is made in to cloth poultice repeatedly applied over the body maintaining the temperature followed by a good full...

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An unique procedure in Ayurveda Treatment in which a group of Herbal medicines are made into deep dried powder and prepared in different different forms to apply over...

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This is an amazing composition of application in Ayurveda where as the milk is made in to a medium to entrain the medicinal cure where nourishment is needed....

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It’s also a form of Poultice Treatment where the poultice is filled with cooked medicated herbal powder’s then triturated in suitable oil according to the aliment

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Njavara Kizhi

One of the traditional Keralite Ayurveda Treatment mainly focused on Rejuvenation and revitalization.The procedure begins by making poultice with very special keralite rice cooked in milk and medical...

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Resort located exactly in front of the beach, swimming pool and beach view is one of the favorite combo for many. We visited as a group of people, everyone loved it.

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